What is LidoFlex?

LidoFlex is the only over-the-counter/non-prescription pain patch that delivers Maximum Strength Lidocaine through the localized delivery of 4% Lidocaine. LidoFlex can provide up to 12-hours of pain relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints associated with sprains, strains, and arthritis directly over the site of pain without the possible adverse effects of a prescription medication. LidoFlex’s form fitting and extremity specific shapes are designed to be worn during daily activities and are available for the knee, shoulder, neck, elbow, finger, heel and a universal flex strip for smaller areas.

Am I a candidate?

Designed specifically for the temporary relief of pain, LidoFlex can be used for the relief of acute or chronic pain and is designed to be used during activities and under clothing so that you can get back to the game of life. Not a counterirritant that “tricks the brain”, LidoFlex is an anesthetic nerve block designed to eliminate your pain and get you back to the activities that you enjoy doing most.

How to apply patches

The unique formulary of LidoFlex is infused in to the adhesive ensuring maximum skin contact for ideal delivery. No oily mess or unpleasant odor that lingers, LidoFlex’s low-profile flexible design will hardly be noticed while you go through your daily routine.


Skin must be properly cleaned and dried to remove any oil, dirt, lotion, etc. Excess hair should be clipped to ensure maximum contact. One placed over the area of pain, simply apply firm pressure and smooth out any wrinkles. The pressure and smoothing of the patch will create heat and activate the adhesive ensuring good application for maximum pain relief for up to 12-hours.


Q: Does LidoFlex require a prescription?
A: No. LidoFlex is a registered over-the-counter anesthetic that is sold as a clinical product.


Q: Is the LidoFlex pain patch FDA approved?
A: Yes. LidoFlex received it’s FDA approval under the same monograph as other topical OTC products.


Q: How many LidoFlex patches come in each individual pouch?
A: The Knee, Shoulder, Back, Knee, and Elbow patches contain one (1) patch in each pouch; The Flex patch contains two (2) patches in each pouch.


Q: How long will the LidoFlex pain patch provide the temporary relief of pain?
A: Each patch is designed to provide between 8-12 hours of pain relief. Once removed, another LidoFlex patch be applied, if desired.


Q: Are LidoFlex pain patches easy to apply?
A: Yes. Trim excess hair and properly clean the area of application with warm soap and water or an alcohol swab before applying. Once on the skin be sure to apply repeated firm pressure and try to remove wrinkles. These actions will create the heat and pressure necessary to activate the adhesive for a secure application.


Q: How long should I leave the patch on?
A: It is recommended that the patch remain on the skin for 12-hours, at which time it should be removed. LidoFlex adhesive remover has been provided.

Where to buy

LidoFlex pain patches are available through healthcare providers, home-town pharmacies and DME providers. Call in advance to be sure they carry the product.





LidoFlex can be used in pain management programs for the temporary relief of pain with its unique form-fitting, extremity-specific, shapes. LidoFlex provides effective pain relief without the use of opioids and it is non-habit forming and non-systemic.


At 4%, the LidoFlex pain relief patch offers the maximum amount of Lidocaine available without a prescription.  The unique adhesive-based Lidocaine infused pain patches ensure long-lasting pain relief for up to 12-hours.


LidoFlex effectively targets the specific pain area through localized delivery of lidocaine. The result is a constant, isolated effect that delivers a cooling sensation, followed by penetrating relief.  LidoFlex provides the same, consistent delivery of medication with each application as compared to ointments, gels or sprays.


LidoFlex is easy to apply due to the various body-specific shapes and sizes available. It can be applied to the knee, shoulder, neck, elbow, finger, or heel as well as a versatile flex strip that can be applied where needed.


LidoFlex uses a special adhesive formula so that the patch can easily be worn under clothes, on moving joints, during exercise, bathing or swimming.


Thoroughly clean treatment area with soap and water ensuring all oils lotions and dirt are removed.  Dry thoroughly.  Clip any excess hair prior to application.  Press patch down firmly from the center outwards until the patch has secure contact with the skin.  Be sure to pick the appropriate size patch for the body area to be treated.  For example, do not use a Flex Strip on a large surface area like a back.