Massage Therapist

With the increased evidence and awareness to the benefits of massage therapy for musculoskeletal disorders the LidoFlex Pain Patch offers a new recurring channel of revenue and easy-to-use pain relief following treatment.

Revenue Model

LidoFlex creates a revenue model for your practice by allowing you to resell the product to your patients

Wear Anytime

LidoFlex Pain Patch technology allows the patient to wear the patch during activities for participation in the activities of daily living

Flexible & Versatile

LidoFlex pain patches are flexible and versatile, fitting over most parts of the body

Alleviate Tension

LidoFlex Pain Patches can be worn to alleviate the pain associated with tension-related conditions

Non-Habit Forming

LidoFlex is non-habit forming and non-systemic, with no opioid involvement or the potential side effects associated with narcotics


Lidocaine is one of the most widely used medications for the treatment of mild to moderate pain. Lidocaine is used in various concentrations to treat conditions like sunburn and epidural nerve blocks

No Prescription

LidoFlex is NOT a prescription product and works well for acute conditions