Physical Therapist / Physiotherapist (PT)

With the average Physical Therapist treating 660 patients per month, LidoFlex provides an easy-to-use, take-home means for pain relief.  In addition, it can be utilized as part of your daily treatment regimen for pain management and an alternative to TENS and iontophoresis.


Lidocaine is an anesthetic that causes numbness by stopping the transmission of pain to the brain

Pain Patch Technology

Pain Patch Technology allows the patient to wear the patch during activities

Adjunct to Therapies

LidoFlex can be used as an adjunct to your therapies and provided to the patient once they have left the clinic for long-term pain relief

Targeted Pain Relief

LidoFlex provides targeted pain relief as the patch is placed over the specific area of pain

Flexible and Versatile

LidoFlex pain patches are flexible and versatile fitting over most parts of the body

Effective Tool

Using LidoFlex as part of your treatment regimen provides another tool to help you improve patient outcome and pain relief

Non-Habit Forming

LidoFlex is non-habit forming and non-systemic, with no opioid involvement or the potential side effects associated with narcotics


Lidocaine is one of the most widely used medications for the treatment of mild to moderate pain. Lidocaine is used in various concentrations to treat conditions like sunburn and epidural nerve blocks

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