Products, Features, and Designs


The Flex Patch

Designed for those smaller painful areas, the LidoFlex Flex strip can be used in numerous conditions such as across the body when size and the extremity is non-specific.


The Back Patch

With the debilitating effects of back pain affecting 60% Р80% of individuals in their lifetime, and up to 50% suffering from back pain in a given year the LidoFlex Back Patch is our most popular option.  Designed to cover the largest surface area, the patch can be worn underneath clothing to provide extended pain relief and get you back to the activities that you enjoy most.


The Knee Patch

The most common complaint seen by doctors, knee pain effects how and if an individual can perform their activities of daily living. More than just a simple hinge joint, the knee not only bends, straightens, and supports body weight along with other joints, but it also twists and rotates. Designed with a patellar notch, the LidoFlex Knee Patch can be worn to alleviate pain associated with any number of activities.


The Elbow Patch

This hinge joint is very complex with a number of movements. The LidoFlex Elbow patch was designed to perform during activities to provide the wearer with maximum coverage under the most extreme of circumstances.


The Heel Patch

Designed to specifically meet the contours of the heel, the LidoFlex heel patch is perfect for different foot ailments. Not only providing coverage on the sole of the foot, the heel patch also covers the medial and lateral portions to ensure coverage of the extremity.


The Shoulder Patch

This ball-and-socket joint moves every time the arms are moved. Whether pain occurs due to normal wear and tear, overuse, or an injury, the Lidoflex Shoulder Patch was designed to address any number of pains associated with the shoulder while providing maximum coverage during activities.